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What are some of the symptoms I may experience after surgery? What can I do to relieve any discomfort?

Patients that have undergone laparoscopic procedures such as Lap Chole, Lap Nissen, or Lap Hernia repair may experience gas pains, indigestion, or shoulder pain during recovery. Over The Counter Phazyme is recommended.

Patients that have undergone inguinal hernia repairs may experience scrotal swelling or discoloration. This is common. Apply an ice pack to the scrotum and wear a scrotal support.

It is not unusual to experience constipation after surgery. Use fiber supplements and Over The Counter stool softeners as needed. Pain medications will make constipation worse.

Lumpiness beneath your incision is not unusual and represents healing.
Notify your doctor for:

See your doctor for more specific instructions (i.e. diet, medications, and activity) pertaining to the type of surgery.

What are some of the symptoms which would require an examination?

Some of the symptoms which would require your doctor's attention may include:

What steps can be taken to relieve heartburn?

Frequent heartburn is the most common symptom of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). Some patients find that some or all of the following suggestions are helpful:

How do I do a proper breast exam?

Doing a BSE (Breast Self Exam) the right way means doing it the same time each month. Ten days after your period begins is best for menstruating women. Steps include examining your breasts in the shower and lying down. In each of these positions, use the pads of the three center fingers and move them in a circular motion to feel for lumps or other irregularities. Inspecting breasts visually in a mirror with hands on hips and again with them clasped behind your head can help your spot dimpling, puckered skin, scaliness or rash, or changes in skin color. Other changes to watch for besides lumps are bloody discharge or any persistent tenderness, swelling, or redness.

The theory is that you the better know your breasts , the more likely you are to spot something that's out of the norm. If you want to know more about how to do a proper BSE , feel free to ask us for at your next appointment. We're here to help your care for yourself.